Ketogenic Diet May Change Time to Oxygen Toxicity in Navy Divers.

Clinical Bottom Line:

1. No outcome data presented.

Citation’s:1.Winstead-Derlega C et al. Latency and symptoms of CNS O2 toxicity in working divers breathing 100% O2 at 2.06 ATA. UHM 2021, 48(3):336-337.

Lead author's name and fax:Christopher Winstead-Derlega,

Three-part Clinical Question:for compressed air divers, does eating a ketogenic diet compared to a conventional diet, change seizure latency?
Search Terms: oxygen toxicity, ketogenic diet, diving

The Study:Non-blinded randomised controlled trial with intention-to-treat.
The Study Patients: Navy divers
Control group (N = 37; 37 analysed): Normal diet for unknown period prior to diving at 2ATA (10m) breathing 100% O2 for a maximum time of 120 minutes.
Experimental group (N = 37; 37 analysed): Ketogenic diet for unknown period on same diving profile as normal diet.

The Evidence:

Only the overall time latency to symptoms was given and no between groups data (66 minutes, SD 36m).

1. Abstract only, full paper not yet published.
2. All participants were active Naval Divers.
3. No definition of normal diet, ketogenic diet or how long these individuals were on these diets before testing.
4. Authors used onset of symptoms as beginning of CNSOT however it is unclear is this approach is valid. We agree it would be clearly unethical to dive all subjects until they have an oxygen toxic seizure.

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